Musculoskeletal Collaboration and Licensing Deals 2016-2024


Musculoskeletal Collaboration and Licensing Deals | Global coverage | Deal financials | Contract documents | Deal trends | Leading dealmakers | Collaboration, licensing, development, and research deals | Comprehensive deal directory 2016 to 2024

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April 2024
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Musculoskeletal Collaboration and Licensing Deals provides a comprehensive understanding and unprecedented access to the musculoskeletal deals entered into by the worlds leading biopharma companies.

Fully revised and updated, the report provides details of musculoskeletal deals from 2016 to 2024.

The report provides access to deal payment terms as announced between the parties. This data provides useful insight into the payment and other deal terms.

Understanding the flexibility of a prospective partner’s negotiated deals terms provides critical insight into the negotiation process in terms of what you can expect to achieve during the negotiation of terms. Whilst many smaller companies will be seeking details of the payments clauses, the devil is in the detail in terms of how payments are triggered and rights transferred – contract documents provide this insight where press releases and databases do not.

This report contains a comprehensive listing of collaboration and licensing deals announced since 2016 as recorded in the Current Agreements deals and alliances database, including financial terms where available, plus links to online copies of actual licensing contract documents as submitted to the Securities Exchange Commission by companies and their partners.

The initial chapters of this report provide an orientation of musculoskeletal dealmaking and business activities. Chapter 1 provides an introduction to the report, whilst chapter 2 provides an analysis of the trends in musculoskeletal dealmaking.

Chapter 3 covers the financial deal terms for deals signed in the musculoskeletal field with stage of development announced. Deals are listed and sectioned by headline value, upfront payment, milestone payment and royalty rates.

Chapter 4 provides a review of the top 25 most active biopharma companies in musculoskeletal dealmaking. Where the deal has an agreement contract published at the SEC a link provides online access to the contract via the Current Agreements deals and alliances database.

Chapter 5 provides a comprehensive and detailed review of musculoskeletal deals signed and announced since 2016 where a contract document is available. Each deal title links via Weblink to an online version of the actual contract document, providing easy access to each contract document on demand.

Chapter 6 provides a comprehensive directory of musculoskeletal deals listed by theraeutic target.

The report also includes numerous table and figures that illustrate the trends and activities in musculoskeletal deal making since 2016.

In addition, a comprehensive deal directory is provided organized by company A-Z and technology type. Each deal title links via Weblink to an online version of the deal record and where available, the contract document, providing easy access to each contract document on demand.


Key benefits

Musculoskeletal Collaboration and Licensing Deals provides the reader with the following key benefits:

  • Understand deal trends since 2016
  • Browse musculoskeletal collaboration and licensing deals
  • Benchmark analysis – identify market value of transactions
  • Financials terms - upfront, milestone, royalties
  • Directory of deals by company A-Z, therapy focus and technology type
  • Leading deals by value
  • Most active dealmakers
  • Identify assets and deal terms for each transaction
  • Access contract documents - insights into deal structures
  • Due diligence - assess suitability of your proposed deal terms for partner companies
  • Save hundreds of hours of research time


Report scope

Musculoskeletal Collaboration and Licensing Deals is intended to provide the reader with an in-depth understanding of musculoskeletal trends and structure of deals entered into by leading biopharma companies worldwide.

Musculoskeletal Collaboration and Licensing Deals includes:

  • Trends in musculoskeletal dealmaking in the biopharma industry
  • Overview of collaboration and licensing deal structure
  • Directory of musculoskeletal deal records covering pharmaceutical and biotechnology
  • The leading musculoskeletal deals by value
  • Most active musculoskeletal licensing dealmakers

In Musculoskeletal Collaboration and Licensing Deals, the available deals are listed by:

  • Company A-Z
  • Headline value
  • Therapeutic area
  • Technology type

Each deal title links via Weblink to an online version of the actual deal record, providing easy access to each contract document where available.

Musculoskeletal Collaboration and Licensing Deals provides comprehensive access to available records for deals, including contract documents where available.

Analyzing contract agreements allows due diligence of:

  • What are the precise rights granted or optioned?
  • What is actually granted by the agreement to the partner company?
  • What exclusivity is granted?
  • What is the payment structure for the deal?
  • How are sales and payments audited?
  • What is the deal term?
  • How are the key terms of the agreement defined?
  • How are IPRs handled and owned?
  • Who is responsible for commercialization?
  • Who is responsible for development, supply, and manufacture?
  • How is confidentiality and publication managed?
  • How are disputes to be resolved?
  • Under what conditions can the deal be terminated?
  • What happens when there is a change of ownership?
  • What sublicensing and subcontracting provisions have been agreed?
  • Which boilerplate clauses does the company insist upon?
  • Which boilerplate clauses appear to differ from partner to partner or deal type to deal type?
  • Which jurisdiction does the company insist upon for agreement law?

Musculoskeletal Collaboration and Licensing Deals provides the reader with the following key benefits:

  • Understand deal trends since 2016
  • Browse musculoskeletal collaboration and licensing deals
  • Benchmark analysis – identify market value of transactions
  • Financials terms - upfront, milestone, royalties
  • Directory of deals by company A-Z, therapy focus and technology type
  • Leading deals by value
  • Most active dealmakers
  • Identify assets and deal terms for each transaction
  • Access contract documents - insights into deal structures
  • Due diligence - assess suitability of your proposed deal terms for partner companies
  • Save hundreds of hours of research time

Executive Summary


Chapter 1 – Introduction


Chapter 2 – Trends in musculoskeletal dealmaking


2.1. Introduction

2.2. Musculoskeletal partnering over the years     

2.3. Musculoskeletal partnering by deal type

2.4. Musculoskeletal partnering by industry sector

2.5. Musculoskeletal partnering by stage of development

2.6. Musculoskeletal partnering by technology type

2.7. Musculoskeletal partnering by therapeutic indication


Chapter 3 – Financial deal terms for musculoskeletal partnering


3.1. Introduction

3.2. Disclosed financials terms for musculoskeletal partnering

3.3. Musculoskeletal partnering headline values

3.4. Musculoskeletal deal upfront payments

3.5. Musculoskeletal deal milestone payments

3.6. Musculoskeletal royalty rates


Chapter 4 – Leading musculoskeletal deals and dealmakers


4.1. Introduction

4.2. Most active in musculoskeletal partnering

4.3. List of most active dealmakers in musculoskeletal    

4.4. Top musculoskeletal deals by value


Chapter 5 – Musculoskeletal contract document directory


5.1. Introduction

5.2. Musculoskeletal partnering deals where contract document available


Chapter 6 – Musculoskeletal dealmaking by therapeutic target


6.1. Introduction

6.2. Deals by musculoskeletal therapeutic target


Deal directory


Deal directory – Musculoskeletal deals by company A-Z 2016 to 2024

Deal directory – Musculoskeletal deals by technology type 2016 to 2024


Deal type definitions


About Biopharma Research Ltd


Current Partnering

Current Agreements

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Table of figures


Figure 1: Musculoskeletal partnering since 2016

Figure 2: Musculoskeletal partnering by deal type since 2016

Figure 3: Musculoskeletal partnering by industry sector since 2016

Figure 4: Musculoskeletal partnering by stage of development since 2016

Figure 5: Musculoskeletal partnering by technology type since 2016

Figure 6: Musculoskeletal partnering by indication since 2016

Figure 7: Musculoskeletal deals with a headline value

Figure 8: Musculoskeletal deals with upfront payment values

Figure 9: Musculoskeletal deals with milestone payment

Figure 10: Musculoskeletal deals with royalty rates

Figure 11: Active musculoskeletal dealmaking activity since 2016

Figure 12: Top musculoskeletal deals by value since 2016

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Current Partnering reports provide insight into the trends and terms of partnering deals in the global life sciences sector.

Current Partnering reports are updated every six months to ensure the user has access to the latest announcements and trends in the topic focus of the report.

Current Partnering analysts review the deal data to provide an overview and analysis of deal trends, including example deals and terms.

Current Partnering reports source deal data from our proprietary deals and alliances database, Current Agreements. The database is updated daily by our analysts with new deals as they are announced globally by the company’s party to the deal. In addition, deal records are updated with new data as it becomes available.

The data in the Current Agreements deals and alliances database is obtained from secondary sources such as publicly available industry sources including press releases, company presentations, investor presentations, company SEC filings, other company filings, company websites, conference presentations. Sources are identified to allow for user verification.

Current Partnering provides comprehensive coverage of the following partnering or deal types:
• Asset purchase
• Assignment
• Co-development
• Co-market
• Co-promotion
• Collaborative R&D
• Contract service
• Cross-licensing
• Development
• Distribution
• Equity purchase
• Evaluation
• Grant
• Joint venture
• Licensing
• Loan
• Manufacturing
• Marketing
• Option
• Promotion
• Research
• Royalty financing
• Settlement
• Spin out
• Sub license
• Supply
• Termination
• Warrant

Every deal record is fully categorized and includes the following data, where available:
• Industry sector
• Therapy areas
• Technology type
• Deal components
• Financial terms
• Stage of development
• Exclusivity
• Asset type
• Geographic focus
• Excluded geography
• Company press release
• SEC filing data including contract document

All financial amounts are converted to US$ using the exchange rate available on the date of deal announcement, enabling direct comparison of deal terms across international territories.

Financial data and contract documents displayed in deal records is obtained from public sources, where disclosed by the parties to the deal.